Update: We are re-opening February 22 for regularly scheduled Hot Springs Cove tours. Whale Watching resumes March 1st, see you soon!
We will continue responding to inquiries during this closure via email and phone, and you may complete reservations online for our regular season.
We wish you a wonderful start to 2019, and will see you again in February
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In Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds, we most often view Pacific Gray Whales. The Gray whale migration from Baja California, Mexico begins to arrive along the west coast of Vancouver Island in February and continues through late April. From April through November, we have over 200 'Resident' Gray whales that stay feeding in our waters. Humpback whales are seen throughout our season, with the heaviest sightings between June and September. We also see Orcas (Killer whales), approximately every 2-3 weeks, throughout the year. We often enjoy views of Sea Lions, Eagles, Sea Otters and other amazing wildlife while on the water! 

Did you know we guarantee our whale sightings? Click here to read about the JAMIE'S SIGHTINGS GUARANTEE.

Be prepared for your adventure:

When you are exploring with us, please be advised that wind can bring the temperature down several degrees once on the water. We recommend dressing in several layers of warm clothing for all tours, including a waterproof layer for the rain or wind, and sunglasses can be very helpful. 

While these tours travel through sheltered inlet waters, the majority of the time spent searching for, and viewing wildlife takes place on the open ocean.  If you are prone to sea sickness, please use your preferred motion sickness medicine before departure. We offer Sea Bands in our check-in office, which work well for some people. We also serve green-ginger tea on board, which can help to settle the stomach.