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Join our friends at Clayoquot Connections for a wide variety of water taxi services throughout Clayoquot Sound. Check in and depart from Jamie's marina in Tofino.

Hiking on Meares Island: During our extended closure please call Dennis 250-726-8789 for tour inquiries.

From Tofino's harbour you can easily view the First Nations village of Opitsat and the old-growth forested mountains of Meares Island.  This village has been an important part of our history on the west coast of North America, having been a hub for human activity inhabited continuously for thousands of years. Meares Island provides an immediate introduction to ancient Vancouver Island coastal temperate rainforest.  Designated by the First Nations' Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council as a park in 1985, Meares Island contains some of the biggest trees on the coast, including the largest Western Red Cedar identified on the planet!

Big Tree Trail - Meares Island (1.5-2 hours)

Travel to and from the trailhead by boat, hosted by a friendly local skipper. Walk, unguided, along the well-maintained wooden boardwalk and view old-growth rainforest in all it's beauty. Lose yourself in the awe inspiring ancient trees!

Lone Cone Trail - Meares Island (5-7 hours) - Closed during Covid

Travel to and from the trailhead by boat, hosted by a friendly local skipper. From the trailhead, hike unguided on the rugged footpath to the top of Meares Island's Lone Cone mountain overlooking Clayoquot Sound. Feel the burn in your legs, and get your cardio workout as you achieve the most rewarding view of Tofino -- this trail gains 730m (2400ft)!


Day or Evening Cruises:

Experience Clayoquot Sound with Dennis Kay, a seasoned enthusiastic skipper aboard his 26' ex-lifeboat the Kleco. His relaxed pace allows a more intimate encounter with nature.

Sunset Cruise - Clayoquot Sound (1.5 hours)

Join us as we navigate the rugged outer harbour islands on the way to Lennard Island.  After passing under the Lennard Island Light-tower, we enter a spectacular tidal lagoon, home to a colony of harbour seals.  From the calmer waters of the lagoon we gaze at the sun disappearing into the Pacific Ocean.  Great views of Clayoquot Sound and the lighthouse, along with the enhanced evening light, provide fantastic photo opportunities. Very romantic!

Harbour Tour- Tofino (1.5 hours)

Get the best view of the Tofino waterfront, a hub of history, culture, and wildlife with incredible scenery!  Checkout the active Eagle's nest at Dead Man's Isle as we cruise through the passages of this unique harbour while hearing of Clayoquot's rich history and the wonders of nature.  We often get close enough to several Bald Eagles and Harbour Seals for incredible photo opportunities; however, from September through October Eagle sightings are less common.  Sea Lions are often seen during the Spring and Summer right at the wharf where we operate from.  On rare occasions both Grey Whales and Orcas (Killer Whales) pass through the harbour.


Vargas Island Drop-offs:

East Coast Vargas

Get dropped off at the Old Telegraph Trail for a 3KM hike across Vargas Island to Ahous Bay for camping or beach-combing in the Vargas Island Provincial Park. There are also beach camping sites on Vargas' east coast.

West Coast Vargas

Land directly on the beach in Ahous Bay, within the Vargas Island Provincial Park to camp, hike, beach comb or surf (weather permitting).


Specialty Cruises (2.5 hours):

Freedom Cove - Floating Gardens

Join us for an unforgettable 'out of this world' adventure to a unique floating home & garden, with renowned resident artists' warm and genuine hospitality. 

Lennard Isle Roundabout

This voyage ventures to the rugged outer islands of Tofino's harbour. As we navigate around Lennard Isle, you'll pass directly under its famous light tower and enter a protected tidal lagoon (weather permitting).

Lemmens Inlet Excursion

Explore deep into Lemmens Inlet, a large pristine inlet of Meare's Island. We cruise through island passages, past oyster farms and into Adventure Cove while learning of the rich history of the area.

Beach Combing

Cruise to a remote beach in the Vargas Island Provincial Park. Sink your toes in the sand, check-out tidal pools, find exotic sea shells and simply relax. Bring a lunch for a seaside picnic (weather permitting).


Family Fishing Fun (aka 'Fishing 101') Catch and release (2.5 hours)

If you and your children want to go fishing or improve your basic fishing skills, then you’ve come to the right place! The skipper has a wealth of fishing experience that he enjoys sharing with guests through a hands-on approach to gain insight finding fish & knowing what makes them bite.

Your group/family will also gain a deeper appreciation for our finned friends while learning to fish safely, effectively, and sustainably.  On rougher days we stay in sheltered calm waters.  Younger crew members often get behind the wheel of our slower 8 m. (26’) Lifeboat. 

The first lure is free. We do not keep the fish. All fish caught are released back into the ocean. Licences are required before departure; they are inexpensive for adults and free for children under 16.


All tours depart on demand, please call to make a reservation or if you have questions regarding any of these tours call Dennis 250-726-8789