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Jamie’s Whaling Station is located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island with locations in Tofino and Ucluelet. Come explore Clayoquot or Barkley Sound with us!

Tofino Location

606 Campbell Street
Toll-Free (North America only): 1-800-667-9913
Local Tel: 250-725-3919

Ucluelet Location

168 Fraser Lane
Toll-Free (North America only): 1-877-726-7444
Local Tel: 250-726-7444

Getting to Tofino or Ucluelet


Below is a list of estimated travel times to arrive at Jamie’s Whaling Station Tofino (if driving to Ucluelet, take approximately 30 minutes off the time below).

  • Vancouver ~ 7-9 Hours (Varies based on ferry schedule & wait times)
  • Campbell River ~ 3.5 Hours
  • Nanaimo ~ 3 Hours
  • Port Alberni ~ 2 Hours
  • Victoria ~ 5 Hours
  • Comox/Courtenay ~ 3 Hours

Highway 4 Travel Advisories

To arrive in Tofino or Ucluelet from Port Alberni, you must travel Highway 4. There can be delays at time on this highway. It is advised that you check for any delays on Highway 4 before travelling to the coast.  Click Here For Traffic Advisories.

In addition to the ongoing highway construction, if you are travelling to Tofino or Ucluelet between November and April you must drive through the Sutton Pass – the highest driving elevation between Port Alberni and Tofino/Uclulelet. At times, during the winter months, this area is subject to heavy snowfall. If you are travelling to the Tofino/Ucluelet during the winter months it is recommended to carry tire chains or use snow tires.


Tofino Bus offers multiple daily departures to and from Tofino/Ucluelet.


The fastest route to Tofino is by air. Below are a couple of options to get you here in the shortest amount of time.

  • Pacific Coastal Airlines – direct flights from Vancouver (south terminal) to Tofino Airport (YAZ)
  • Harbour Air – direct flights from Vancouver Harbour to Tofino Harbour
  • Tofino Air – Charter a floatplane for a direct flight between Tofino and Vancouver
  • Atleo River Air – offering charter flights for groups to Tofino Harbour

There are also opportunities to fly directly to Vancouver Island via international airports in Victoria (YVR), Nanaimo (YCD), and Comox (YQQ).

Already in Tofino or Ucluelet?

During the peak summer months from June through September, parking can be difficult to find at both of our locations. We recommend if you’re joining us for a tour at this time of the year to look at one of the alternative methods for getting to/from Jamie’s. Please remember check-in is 30 minutes prior to your departure time.


Hotel Shuttles

A lot of hotels & resorts in Tofino & Ucluelet offer a complimentary shuttle service. Check with your accommodation provider to see if they can bring you to Jamie’s!

FREE Tofino Summer Shuttle

From June 24 to September 4 2023 there is a FREE hop-on hop-off shuttle in Tofino which is a great option to get to & from Tofino without needing your car. Find the schedule here.

Pacific Rim Navigators 

Offers private vehicle and shuttle services to and from Tofino/Ucluelet.

Website |250.725.8393



Whistle! is a locally owned ridesharing company that provides service around Tofino and surrounding areas with top-rated ridesharing services and taxi alternatives.

Download the Whistle! app in the App Store or Google Play.


Kabu provides ridesharing options around Ucluelet.

Download the Kabu app in the App Store or Google Play

Tofino Taxi

Call Tofino Taxi to book a pick up/drop off: 250-725-3333


The temperate climate along Tofino & Ucluelet’s coast makes cycling a year-round possibility. Just like the locals, you can bike around to get to and from town. Remember to bring a bike lock to lock up while in town.

Want to rent a bike?

There are plenty of companies offering bike rentals in Tofino & Ucluelet. A lot of hotels/resorts also offer bike rentals for their guests.

Tofino Electric Bike: Website |250.522.0203

Tofino Bike Company: Website | 250.266.7655

Ukee Bikes: Website | 250.726.1297