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At Jamie's we are surrounded by passionate individuals who spend their lives learning and educating people from around the world about the beautiful intricacies of our local wildlife and environment. We pride ourselves on providing necessary support, through funding and volunteering, to help our local systems thrive for future generations. It is with this mindset that we began collecting the Research, Rescue & Education fee in 1997.


Research, Rescue & Education Fee

Currently, we collect $3 from patrons of our Whale Watching, Bear Watching and Hot Springs Cove tours, which we then donate to local, non-profit wildlife research, rescue, and educational organizations. In doing this, we are able to provide crucial funding to programs that help improve our understanding of wildlife and the local environment. To date, we have dedicated over $1,000,000 to these local organizations and societies. 

We would like to thank all of our patrons, past, present and future. Without your support we would not be able to provide the funding necessary to support many local initiatives and research projects. We appreciate your donations, as do the receipients receiving funding.