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December can be a great time to get onto the water and enjoy the beauty of Clayoquot Sound. Now until March, Jamie's Whaling Station will be running a special tour allowing you to get out onto the water throughout the winter - Tofino Nature Tours.


So..what exactly can you expect on a Tofino Nature Tour?

For 2+ hours we will tour throughout Clayoquot Sound showing you the beautiful landscapes that surround us from the mountains to the sea. Our informative boat drivers will guide you through the rich history of the area, explaining our ecosystem and everything within it. If the weather permits, we will be able to get into more open waters that will allows us to look for certain wildlife.


What wildlife might you see on a Tofino Nature Tour?

The waters and landscapes of Clayoquot Sound are rich with a plethora of different wildlife that inhabit our waters throughout the winter months. Sea Otters, seals, eagles & other birds will commonly be seen on these tours. Other wildlife like whales, harbour porpoise and sea lions will be seen on occasion.

Every day and every tour is different. You just never know what you'll see until you get out there!


How much does a Tofino Nature Tour cost?

The cost for the tour is $89 for adults, seniors & youth. Children 4-12 are $49. Children 3 & under are FREE!


*All fares add taxes & fees*


What type of boats will we be using?

This depends on the day. Primarily, we will use our 12-passenger Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats (aka Zodiacs.) However, occasionally, we will use our 12-passenger covered vessel if it is available.



What if the weather is bad?

The safety and comfort of our guests is our absolute 1st priority. The beauty of the Tofino Nature Tour is that if the open ocean is too rough we can always explore the calm areas of Clayoquot Sound such as Browning Passage, Fortune Channel & the Tofino Inlet.


Any other questions? How to book?

If you have any other questions regarding the Tofino Nature Tour or you would like to book a tour call our office between 830a-430p daily and we'll happily answer them for you.


1.800.667.9913 (toll-free)

250-725-3919 (local)

*Please note that because this is not a dedicated wildlife viewing tour there is no Rain Check Policy associated with this tour.*